With the development of visual programming interfaces for CAD programs, architects have recently been able to parametrically construct their designs and translate them directly into a machine-readable code.
As new design tools have always given rise to a new design idiom in architecture, due to today’s changes and developments, we may be in one of the greatest upheavals since the Bauhaus epoch. As architecture often works with finite materials, we have decided to develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process that works with recycled materials.
Germany is one of the few countries in the world with a deposit system for plastic bottles. Both in Europe and on the other continents, the plastic waste, without reuse, is thrown away carelessly. That’s why we’ve come up with a concept of how to digitally fabricate modern public furniture using 3D printing from recycled plastic bottles using a robotic arm.
Fully automated 3D printing with industrial robotic arms offers tremendous potential for customized mass production and even adds value to the population through the use of recycled material for public space interventions.

This Project is a non commercial Bachelor Thesis Project.

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